How to Set Goals for Continual Success

by Stephen Pitts on November 18, 2012

goalsSteady as she goes!
There are a number of metrics that you are likely to consider monitoring and setting goals for your marketing programs, not merely SEO, but measurement can only go so far if you don’t have goals to measure against. We aren’t going to delve into all of the statistical analysis that you can make for setting goals but we will cover the different metrics that are likely really important to your SEO program and chat about why they are important and how you can set goals to push your program and in some circumstances how to analyze them individually.

Here we go, one of the most over analyzed metrics in SEO is organic search rankings. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t sell anything or get any conversions without visitors and visitors come from search results, so it is paramount that rankings are measured, but typically, they are over-analyzed by many marketers especially when they are the only metric.

Measuring your visitors is more important, how many incremental visitors you are getting and analyzing what these visitors are doing when they reach your site. Along with visitors, monitoring your conversion and bounce rates will give you insights into how well your pages and your site is doing in general. This will give you insights into how well your site is performing.

Looking at the growth of your SEO program would be monitoring the number of pages are indexed on your site because if you are adding content and search engines are not finding it, then you have greater challenges to address. When the content is indexed, finding out what keywords it ranks for and how many visitors will tell you if it is working as expected.

When looking at your link development aspects of your program, measuring just the number of links will not give you the whole picture, monitoring the value of links includes the number, anchor text and value of the pages you have links from.

Many of these are dependent upon the depth and breathe of your SEO program, so knowing what you and your team are capable of is important to set measurable and attainable goals for your program. Set your SEO goals appropriately.

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