Interview with Scott Rafer, CEO of MyBlogLog

by Stephen Pitts on February 13, 2007

Thank you for taking your time to answer questions and for providing a unique and useful tool like MyBlogLog to all of us in the blogosphere. I have been a member since mid-November of last year and have found it very useful for finding relevant bloggers with the same interests and even found others outside of my normal vertical that I have found unique, inspiring and informative. To put it simply, it has opened my eyes to places on the Internet that I would never have found.

I know that MyBlogLog was created as to help bloggers track their visitors, but it has become so much more. I would feel safe by saying that it has become the premier Internet property for blog networking. I would like to know more about what you are thinking.

pittfall – Where is MyBlogLog headed, what is the vision of MyBlogLog’s future?

Scott – We’re largely going to be sticking to our knitting — getting our widget installed wherever it makes sense, both inside and outside of Yahoo! It generates a ton of reader-writer and reader-reader connections that make people happy, and we’re all about making people happy.

pittfall – How has your acquisition by Yahoo! effected growth?

Scott – It sped us up, but not a ton yet. We’ll really get cranking as other Y! properties start including us.

pittfall – What new improvements can users, like myself, see since MyBlogLog has become a Yahoo property?

Scott – Performance, better identity management (i.e. Yahoo! IDs), APIs, and other bits which I can’t disclose.

pittfall – Recently, the New York Post announced that Yahoo has planned new domains to link their online social properties together. I have seen some integration of bix, but where does MyBlogLog fit in the hierarchy of Yahoo’s “Brand Universe?”

Scott – We’re clearly entering that Universe but the trajectory is not clear yet.

pittfall – Are there any new widgets that we can look forward to?

Scott – We’re slicing and dicing the data a number of different ways that we’ll make widgets out of. The greatest number of requests involved “Most Frequent/Best Visitors” rather than “Who Visited Last”.

pittfall – Is there any plan for MyBlogLog to offer a developer area?

Scott – YES!

pittfall – Based upon a recent interview, it is extremely interesting that you met Eric through LinkedIn, another social networking website. Have you ever considered the irony?

Scott – I don’t see it as ironic at all. Social networks are lead to great productivity, socially, professionally, intellectually, however.

pittfall – I enjoy learning and reading about the social aspects of communities and the affects upon Search Engine Optimization. What does MyBlogLog offer online marketers that other social networking websites like myspace and facebook do not?

Scott – We’re focused on your site and your search engine ranking. We want to minimize the amount of distraction we create between you and your readers — that’s what the private label communities will be all about.

pittfall – Do you think that you are directly competing with other online social community portals, and if so, what steps are you taking to address options that are available elsewhere and not currently on MyBlogLog?

Scott – We compete a lot more with the memetrackers than other social networks. We help you find new interesting things to read, based on what other readers are doing — not based on a bunch of elite linkblogging applications. People use us for site discovery, so the stereotypical social network apps are secondary to us.

pittfall – You have stated that MyBlogLog is gaining, on average, a 2% growth rate daily. How long do you think that MyBlogLog can maintain this?

Scott – Once we do a better job integrating with Yahoo, it should speed up a lot a year or so. We won’t have many 5% days, but I expect a few.

pittfall – I can personally say that MyBlogLog has pulled me into a social environment that really did not interest me at first glance; however, it has become more than just a way to connect with your readers. What is MyBlogLog doing to promote your services?

Scott – Site design needs to improve, but we think that our current efforts are just about right. We just want more and more widget distribution. It will draw people in as they are ready. Browbeating doesn’t work.

pittfall – Scott, if I may call you that, it has been a pleasure to speak with you and I would like to thank you for your efforts at MyBlogLog and for taking the time to respond to users. You exemplify the CEO that everyone would be grateful to work with and you portrayed a great leader and team player. I look forward to what MyBlogLog has coming for all of us.

Scott – My father wouldn’t even let you call him Mr. Rafer. The most polite thing you can use is “Scott,” and I’ll answer to much worse.

MyBlogLog, before the Yahoo! acquisition, was gaining ground and becoming a valuable resource in the online social community. Now, with the help of Yahoo!, they stand to become a household name and help Yahoo! strengthen their presence online.

Here are a few Alexa charts for activity on MyBlogLog:
MyBlogLog Daily Reach 2004 - 2007
Daily Reach

MyBlogLog Page Views 2004 -2007
Page Views

MyBlogLog Rank 2004 - 2007

If the graphs above don’t spell success, I’m not sure what would.

Shawn Honnick February 14, 2007 at 4:26 pm

It’s one of the best ideas I’ve seen in blogging. Too many startups are focused on something that brings everything to them. MBL does it very well just by linking blogs based on common visitors. Very good idea with huge potential.

pittfall February 14, 2007 at 7:26 pm


Thanks for the response. MyBlogLog is a very unique service that each of us can use to expand our reach and find others with the same interests. It is an exciting time, as we can watch what this great idea can do with the muscle of one of the largest engines, Yahoo!, behind it.

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