Let the Holidays Begin!

by Stephen Pitts on November 24, 2006

With Thanksgiving just a few hours behind us and the start of the holiday shopping season upon us, here are some reflections of things that are on the minds of the SEO community:

  1. Will Search Engine Watch be able to survive after Danny Sullivan leaves to start Search Engine Land? Andy Beal’s thoughtsPrevious Posts
  2. Will Review Me be able to become a valid marketing program? Previous Posts – Matt Cutts’ Thoughts
  3. How important will links continue to be? Previous Posts – What’s your IBLP?
  4. How much market share will Google Checkout take from PayPal? Previous Post
  5. How influential will blogging be? Can it keep up with the hype? Is blogger beta just a dream for mainstream bloggers? Previous Posts
  6. Will Google actually be able to bring books to the web? Google Post

I will keep up with the changes that will be happening through to the end of 2006, I am looking forward to the outcomes of these and other questions. 2007 looks to be an eventful year.

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