Sitelinks Revisited

by Stephen Pitts on December 28, 2006

Sitelinks Revisited

Recently, SEO by the Sea posted about Google’s Sitelinks:

“…we likely have Google looking carefully at what happens when people are provided additional links into a site itself, based upon what people have done previously when they’ve gone into that site. Will they use these additional links, or do they insist on going to the main results page?”

Sitelinks has been a topic that I have been interested in since early September, when Vanessa Fox over at Webmaster Central let the cat out of the bag.

Search Engine Land posted about additional information regarding Sitelinks today:

“The first was how much Google relied upon log file analysis and measuring user behavior (including toolbar use, according to the patent application), to decide whether or not to show these sitelinks, and which links to show.

Also interesting was that one of the pages that Google may try to include in these sitelinks is one where people can make purchases, filling a need for searchers involved in a transactional search (as opposed to a navigational or information undertaking).”

They still intrigue me and I am sure that more will be revealed in the new year.

For the actual patent application click here.

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